SunStop® Thread

Excel Sewing Supply offers Sunstop® Thread with advanced protection against degradation and fade.

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Excel Sewing Supply has a large selection of thread for manufacturing.

Sewing Thread

Excel Sewing supply carries a complete line of all popular threads and colors. We have listed some of the most popular types of threads. Contact a service representative for samples and color charts. For specific definitions of the types of sewing threads please visit our thread information page.

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Corespun Threads

Spun Polyester Threads

Textured threads

Air entangled threads

Cotton threads

Filament Nylon and Polyester

Monocord Thread

A&E Performance Bobbins

Monofilament Thread

TEX# Avg.
5 .003" 50 90,000
8 .004" 80 53,500
15 .005" 130 34,500
18 .006" 180 23,900
27 .007" 250 17,500
35 .008" 330 13,400
45 .009" 400 10,600
50 .010" 520 8,600
60 .011" 630 7,100
80 .012" 750 5,950

Sunstop® Thread

In stock inventory in tex sizes 90 & 135 available for immediate shipping.

TEX# T-90 T-135
Ticket Size BT-92 BT-138
Denier Size 1,096 1,616
Single-End Break lbs. 13.14 20
Elongation at break (%) 18.07 22.48
Yield per Pound 4,073 2,761
Boiling Water < 2% < 2%
Hot Air < 3% < 4%
Loop Strength Ratio 1.3 1.3
Seam Strength    
301 SSa-1 Lockstitch (5psi) 98.55 168.6
401SSa-1 Chainstitch (5psi) 111.65 191
Needle Size    
Metric 140 150



UV Resistant Thread

Sewing Thread

Excel Sewing Supply is pleased to introduce an improved UV-resistant thread. Shakespeare's new SN-UVR-38 thread has the same physical properties, clarity and sewability as their standard SN-38 thread.  However, this new UV resistant thread will maintain its useful life in applications exposed to sunlight several times longer than many other threads.  Lab testing indicates that SN-UVR-38 will maintain more than 50% of its original strength after the equivalent of more than 4 years exposure to Florida sunlight. This is nearly six times longer than our standard SN-38 with no UV stabilizer, and three times longer than our SN-38 color 602 (clear with a different UV stabilizer which we have used for decades).


Available in sizes .009, .010, .011, and .012