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Excel Sewing Supply is an authorized distributor of all YKK® Snap Fastener products.

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Excel Sewing Supply carries a full line of YKK® snap fasteners.

SK 50

SK 50 Snap Fasteners are the foundation of our military, industrial, automotive and marine fastener lines. Variations within each of the specialty fastener product lines are available to address demanding application requirements. SK 50 Snaps are available in brass, steel and stainless steel.


With the most complete and diverse line-up of snap fasteners in the industry, you can be ensured of the appropriate fastener for your particular application. From our military compliant SK product line to our versatile SP all plastic line to our SX 2-Prong Fastening System, we have the right product for your demanding fastener requirements.

All of our fastening products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, which include our in-house plating and finishing capabilities. Excel Sewing Supply is an authorized distributor of all YKK® Snap Fastener products.

YKK Snap Fasteners

SNAD® Snap Adhesively Attached

YKK introduces its plastic adhesive snap components for the marine industry. Unlike traditional metal screw studs used for marine applications, this product will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand and dirt. Plus, its unique dome shape enables it to be walked on without causing pain.

What's even more amazing about the snap component is how it is secured to boat surfaces. On the underside of the plastic dome is a pad of 3M, VHB™ acrylic conformable foam adhesive tape that enables the snap to adhere to boat surfaces without having to drill a hole. For more than 20 years the VHB™ product line has proven to be tough in marine, automotive, medical, aerospace, and architectural applications. YKK has adapted it to use with its patented design to bring flexibility and convenience to the marine industry. All one must do is simply clean the surface to which the snap is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position and firmly hold the snap in place and release.

No tool, no wait, no splits, no hole!


  • Use wherever a conventional screw stud might be used:
    • Marine carpeting for decks
    • Cushions and seating
    • Canvas for decks, bulkheads or panels
    • Console covers
  • Use to replace existing screw studs without the need to fill-in the screw hole.
  • Click Here to Watch a Video of a SNAD® Installation

SNAD® 40mm Components

Stud and socket are compatible with all other snap components.

YKK Snap Fasteners



  • Attaches to boat surfaces with adhesive. No hole!
  • Very forgiving of DIY'ers.
  • 3M™ VHB™ Tape adhesive.
  • 45 mils (1.1 mm) conformable tape.
  • Domed profile for socket and stud.
  • Automotive grade POM with UV inhibitor.
  • Compatible with Style 2 Snaps that meet Mil-Spec 10884.
  • Grooved design for easy cleaning.
  • Tested by marine canvas professionals.
  • Withstands pressures 0.6 to 1.0 bar for 5 minutes.
  • Does not penetrate a substrate.
  • Can be made from a selection of resins and VHB adhesives.
  • Stud or socket versions available.
  • Provides secure attachment without damaging surface.
  • Misplacements easily corrected.
  • Documented performance adhesive for marine use.
  • Conforms to marine non-slip deck patterns.
  • Will not hurt to walk or sit on.
  • Prevents corrosion, discoloring or cracking.
  • Works with the snaps you are now using.
  • Ensures consistent snap action over repeated use.
  • Confidence in using best new snap idea in years.
  • Used to replace existing studs without extra work.
  • Expands applications for RIB's and thin wall construction.
  • Versatility in appearance and application.
  • New design freedom for canvas, cushions, and carpeting.

Basic Specifications:

Part Part # Diameter O/A Height Material Color Adhesive
Domed Socket
PG1-000-839 40mm
1 9/16"
5.3 mm
UV Acetal White VHB 4941
45 mils (1.1 mm)
3/64" Gray
Domed Stud
PG3-0000-839 40 mm
1 9/16"
6.5 mm
UV Acetal White VHB 4941
45 mils (1.1 mm)
3/64" Gray