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Excel Sewing Supply has a large selection of thread for manufacturing.

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Corespun Threads

American & Efird's Perma Core thread is produced by spinning a staple polyester wrapper around a core of high tenacity continuous-filament polyester fibers to form a single yarn. Then, two or more of these yarns are twisted together to make the thread. The result is a corespun product that is exceptionally strong for its size, even after laundering or dry cleaning. Perma Core's 100% polyester construction contributes to superior colorfastness, and the chemical and abrasion resistance in the finished seam. In addition, the continuous filament core allows Perma Core to be sewn on the most difficult sewing operations with minimum interruptions. Perma Core is available in a full range of sizes and colors. Size for size, Perma Core is stronger than most other thread constructions used for seaming apparel.

A&E's cotton-wrapped corespun product, D-Core is made by spinning a cotton wrapper around a core of high tenacity continuous-filament polyester fibers to form a single yarn. Then, two or more of these yarns are twisted together to make the thread. The cotton wrapper helps to protect the polyester inner core from damage due to needle heat. D-Core is ideal for difficult sewing operations that require a thread with excellent ply security and needle-heat resistance. Because of the cotton wrapper, D-Core will also "wash down" during garment-wash processing, giving a soft, low-sheen appearance.

Both Permacore and D-Core have a much higher tenacity (or strength) per size than spun polyester threads, allowing the use of smaller diameter thread sizes to minimize seam puckering on woven fabrics.

Spun Polyester Threads

Spun polyester threads are the most commonly used threads in the world for manufacturing apparel products. They are less expensive than corespun threads and will sew on most types of sewing machines with minimum interruptions. Spun polyester threads are made by spinning high-tenacity staple fibers into a yarn and then plying these yarns to make the thread. A&E's Perma Spun threads have low shrinkage to help minimize seam puckering, and the proper amount of elongation to absorb the stresses of sewing and wear in the seams. They are stronger than spun and cotton threads of comparable size and offer much higher resistance to mildew, abrasion and chemical degradation. Perma Spun is available in a wide range of colors with excellent colorfastness. Spun Kool is a specially finished spun polyester thread designed for sewing children's sleepwear.

Textured threads

Textured threads are made from continuous filaments of polyester that have been stretched, textured and then heat set to insure proper bulk retention. Textured threads are ideal for overedge, chainstitch and coverstitch operations on knit garments. They are also used for serging operations on woven apparel to prevent the edge of the fabric from unraveling. Textured threads offer high bulk for excellent seam coverage, good seam elasticity, and are less expensive than most other thread types. Textured threads are NOT recommended for lockstitch machines that use a hook and bobbin. Our line of polyester threads includes Wildcat and Wildcat Plus.

Air entangled threads

Air entangled threads are made from continuous filaments of polyester that are entangled as they pass through a high-pressure air jet. This yarn is then stretched, heat-set, dyed and wound on cones with lubricant. A&E's Magic air entangled threads combine economy, sewability and high seam strength, along with the advantage of a 100% polyester construction. Magic's high initial modulus contributes to excellent loop formation, minimizing breakage and skipped stitches. Because Magic air-entangled thread is a single-ply construction, it is flat and ribbon-like, providing a low seam profile and excellent loop strength for optimal seam performance. Magic is available in many sizes and colors and is used for seaming everything from jeans to mattress pads.

Cotton threads

A&E's Anecot and Anecot Plus are produced from the finest grades of long-staple cotton available. Anecot Plus is made from a higher tenacity and grade of cotton that makes it stronger than regular Anecot threads. Either thread is ideal for garment dyeing and other special sewing applications.

Our cotton threads are made by spinning cotton fibers into a single yarn and then plying them to make the thread. They are available in Soft, Mercerized or Glaced finishes, depending on the sewing application.

Soft Finish: Soft finish threads are dyed and then wound on cones with a thread lubricant. Soft threads are available in Natural, White (bleached), Vat or Commercial dyed.

Mercerized Finish: Mercerization is a process where cotton is treated in a caustic solution under control tension and then neutralized in an acid. Generally the yarn is passed through a flame at a high speed prior to mercerization to remove excess fibers from the thread surface and give it a higher sheen. This process causes the cotton fibers to swell, resulting in a greater affinity to dyeing and increased tensile strength. Mercerized cotton threads are more expensive than soft cotton threads.

Glaced Finish: Glacing is a process where cotton thread is treated with wax and special chemicals that are applied under controlled heat and brushed to a high sheen. The result is a glossy hard finish which protects the thread from abrasion and unraveling during tough sewing operations.

Filament Nylon and Polyester

A&E's Anefil is a twisted multifilament thread made from continuous filaments of polyester or nylon that have been twisted together and then plied to hold the fibers together. Anefil Nylon or Anefil Polyester threads are available with either a Soft finish or with an additional Bonded finish for better ply security and abrasion resistance. Both Soft and Bonded finished threads are treated with a high-performance lubricant to ensure sewability on heavy-duty sewing applications such as leather or canvas. Generally Anefil Nylon is preferred where excellent abrasion resistance is required. Anefil Polyester is generally preferred where sunlight or chemical resistance are the primary considerations. Anefil is used for a variety of sewing applications, from automobile interiors, upholstered furniture and footwear, to heavy leather goods and luggage. Anefil is available in many sizes as needle thread and as precision wound bobbins.

Monocord Thread

Anecord is a monocord thread construction made from continuous filaments of nylon that have been slightly twisted and then bonded together. Anecord threads are treated with a high performance lubricant to ensure sewability on heavy-duty sewing applications such as leather or canvas. Anecord threads are very flat and ribbon-like due to their non-twisted construction, offering exceptional abrasion resistance and loop strength.

Anequilt is a product specifically designed for today's high-speed automatic single-needle scroller quilter machines, used for making bedspreads, quilts and mattress ticks.

A&E Performance Bobbins

Performance bobbins are ready-wound bobbins that are loosely packed in an easy-to-use one-piece box. Specifications vary on the thread type that you select. They come in a complete range of sizes and are precision wound to guarantee consistent yards per bobbin. They are available with or without sides.

Monofilament Thread

Shakespeare HT-38 is a monofilament thread construction made from one continuous filament of nylon that resembles fishing line. HT-38 is translucent and is available in either clear or smoke so that it can blend with almost any color of fabric.

Because monofilament is made from a single continuous filament, it has a tendency to be stiffer than other thread constructions and is not generally recommended for seams that may be adjacent to the skin.

Sunstop® Thread

100% filament polyester – new proprietary process with advanced protection against protection against degradation and fade.

Outperforms competitive UVR Products Confirmed by independent outside tests labs (1000 hours)
SAE J1885
AATCC 16-2004 Option 3
Top 16 "Sunbrella" colors - SunStop Shade Card